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Reviews for "Madrenassion"

But the mustache guy lost his SWAG Abilities. (like in the previous animation)

Kenamy responds:

oyea, that's true, but don't forget he got hurt and almost died out of a bullet of the SW500 (magnum).
so we make him slower, we try to make characters not much overpowered.

i think is ok, really wanted to see a big project of you :), P3M did a great work too, for my opinion ur parts was better animated(i suponse u hav more practise) cant wait to see a 2nd part, if it comes ofcourse :D. the spicotic smile guy was my favorite heh, i dunno i was thinking he could be like tricky or somethin.

Kenamy responds:

Tank you vry muchy,
Note still some scenes from him (or me) was made a year ago.
And this guy just got a overload of drugs, nothing else lol.

Nice vid guys, the only thing I do not like is the background where there is the truck, you should improve the perspective... but hey, i'm wating for the sequel!

Kenamy responds:

mlg 2013 background skills, i'll say this but i honestly currently have almost the same background drawing method and style, sorry for the dissapointement ;(