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Reviews for "Madrenassion"

does anyone notice Sir Albert's head wound was gone when he entered the first room

10/10 would pray 4 sequel again (:

P3M responds:

@kenamy you heard him

Wow!! Both of you did an great job!! *added to favorites*

this is pretty good everything is good but some of kenamii scenes what kinda really fast but never mind it's still good and you @AISFDB kenamii wanned to make something diffrent there are not only just yellow blooded ATP's there could be a grunt dressed like that okay....

Kenamy responds:

Thanks for understanding the storyline, but i believe explaining via Text in madness is a bad thing : no one is reading them at all.

and including that i've got a bad grammar

that long fancy reovler #bitches got 2 much swag

Kenamy responds: