Reviews for "Pokemon's Bitter Reality"

Every damn time I watch this!
it freezes and I never see what the hell happens
plus, this a old ASS computer its WOW! computer yes that is
a really fucking name I cant download shit, does'nt have the paint program, and there is no
way to keep files under control........It was dark.....I'm not playing pokemon again
time for some DOOM!

LinkTCOne responds:

What a ramshackle review! Thankyou!

Man that is deep, I actually clapped.


LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks buddy!

the real life life of a pokemon 10/10

LinkTCOne responds:

Pikachu tells me such horrible things.

Good laughs! Excellent job on the art mate

LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks bud!

A bit of a darker more morbid humor really... Not really my type of humor but I understand it would be a good joke if I had that type of humor.

LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks mate!