Reviews for "DRAMATIC DEATH: Animation Compilation!"

There was good art, there were good animations and there were good ideas. Unfortunately, it was just a bunch of unrelated animations mashed together in an unappealing way. It made it boring to watch and it lost my attention quickly.

Some of 'em are nice but, I don't get how the hanging suicides are dramatic :^) maybe if they were squirmming around uncontrollably for a hella long time but- this is 2 seconds so it was just, rope to neck - suddenly dead

a lot were nice but I have to put a low rating just for the hideous suicides

Why would you make something like this?

bad music, and makes no sense

This isn't much of a movie and it's all senseless death scenarios. The artwork isn't bad but I didn't see much in the way of creativity. Good death collab though.