Reviews for "Women Paintings Parodies"

Love it. Got all the medals too, bwahahahaaaaa.

Your works is great as always, and this time it's a bit more challenging than usual. Thank you for making this wonderful piece of work.

Good job, as usual. There is an error with "Lady with an ermine", since it considers right a wrong answer.

I like it, it's cute simple and I get to learn that I'm missing a lot of what there is to enjoy from the art world. My only complaint is that the beep gets a little obnoxious after awhile, especially if it can't decide if your mouse is on or off a button and just keeps flickering between the two. A mute option (just for the sound, the music is nice), would be great. Other than that, I enjoyed it, despite it not being my usual fair.

Your games are full of creativity, fun and knowledge.
I always wait a new game be launched.