Reviews for "Cyndre Phase"

Very good game. I wish it had more levels though. Real fun play!! Good Job!! Hope 2 see Cyndre Phase 2 in the near future!. the 3rd level was cool and my favorite level visually!.

It's a good game.
Graphics,sound and gameplay are very good.

I find it little short,there should be more levels and it should be a little more difficult.Except that,this game is awesome.

That number so Sacred especially this year.
Did you knew they made a 3rd this year of a game that it was thought to forever been in cliffhanger?
Shenmue 3 after 15 years of waiting for sequel!
Sorry i broke the 3 rule and actually voted 5 in newgrouds ;)

Good game with lots of options to play with and gameplay options to consider.

ok this is a game I really liked, indeed a very nice choice of graphic style, love the music too, it goes nicely with the rhythm of the action. the game might be rather short, but it makes up for it by being very intense. Granted, I played on hard mode right off the bat, but I think it is the best way to enjoy this game.