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Cyndre Phase Review

It's difficult to find something interesting or even satisfying on the under judgement page, however Cyndre Phase proved to me that there are indeed games and movies worth saving.

Gameplay- While a simple concept, Cyndre Phase keeps you invested with multiple enemy types, a unique boss fight each level, and the combo system designed around accuracy and taking out multiple projectiles at once. Cyndre Phase features two difficulty levels normal and hard and from my experiences the difficulty per level is fair and will NOT tear your hair out in frustration. While 3 levels aren't a whole lot, they most definitely are fun.

Audio- The sound effects in Cyndre Phase are serviceable and get the job done, however they are nothing too spectacular. On the other side of the spectrum though, the music while very short is enjoyable and will keep you pumped up while facing this games boss fights.

Visuals- The visuals fit the rest of the game. The designs are nice to look at, the animations make it feel satisfying taking out the rapid projectiles and bosses, and you can tell they spent quite a bit of time putting them together. Without even playing the game you can tell what each projectiles mechanics are and what the hitbox of the bosses are.

Final thoughts- If anything is to be saved in the under judgement section, by all means let it be Cyndre Phase. Cyndre Phase gets a 4 out of 5.

AKS9 responds:

Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review Divineluke! Very much appreciated :)

SO AMAZING Please more levels

I like how the final boss had you like uhhh HOW DO I DAMAGE THIS!!!!!!

Awesome.Very detailed with a loooot of options. It can keep one busy for a qhile

this game is made extremely well. i don't normally like this type of game but this is the best one ive played. music,visuals,transitions and level balance has been done to an excellent standard. you very feel like your been taken on a speedy intense mission too save the world haha. quality

AKS9 responds:

Thank you furmalmunky for the great review! Real glad you liked it :)