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Reviews for "Schoolgirl Alfred: "I Remember You""

you're one sick puppy. is it me, or did you reuse some of your animation from other cartoons?
anyway, as much as I enjoy making fun of jesus and christians, I would prefer if someone finally made fun of islam and judaism. also, shouldn't GG Allin's corpse be more... rotten? you know infested with maggots and shit, unless his feces had some preservative properties, which I think would be cool. anyway, nice that you keep going. I don't expect anything romantic, or teary, from your animations but I can live with that just fine. hm, that's all I can say.

Holy hell I never knew you had such a great singing voice! Way to catch me off guard on that one.

FANTASTIC...Cartoon Network needs ANIMATION like this

Emily, you sick fucking genius you, i wish you luck on your movie and your new mix-tape.
I've loved all the bullshit you do. it truly speaks to the crusty shitheaded scumbag inside me.
AND FUCKING KAUFMAN DOING YEE was something only you and Mr. Kaufman could do together.
<3 <3 <3 i love you and would love to fufill your corpses deepest fantasies.

the dog thing at the end that is based on that yee meme = 5 stars also nice older gentleman plug