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Reviews for "Schoolgirl Alfred: "I Remember You""

That was beautiful.

I've been meaning to say this since The Alfred Alfer film trailer came out, you are one sick fucker for a chick, like a female Shadman, finally said that after over a year of forgetting. Now about this animation it's awesome, obviously. The animation is amazing, including your singing, and you somehow got Lloyd Kaufman in your movie, how the hell did that happen, seriously did you actually get to film him or was this over the computer / webcam. Do you realize your film features the most famous if not the only famous person to ever appear on Newgrounds? The last thing I'll ask is, once you're done with your film do you plan to sell it, will you try to see if any theater will actually show it?

I see a strong resemblance to the All Dogs go to Heaven series. Very dark and oddball. Not bad. A little too random though.

That last scene looks like something out of YTP. I'm of course not complaining about that, being a huge fan. I felt this was a bit too short. It would have worked better as a full music video. It's still a great cartoon! I'm glad to see Alfred.

He's in so many crazy stuff, it's hard to think of any consistency. I didn't know he was a crossdresser or whatever. The animation's great of course. I'm glad you're still here. The voices were nice too.

love it