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Reviews for "Schoolgirl Alfred: "I Remember You""

The animation is amazingly smooth. If this is flash I'm even more impressed if it didn't freeze from drawing a single line. Whether flash or toon boom you did an amazing job.

emily-youcis responds:

It's flash, and thank you! I know , I've stretched its anus to the brinks, and by the end it was crashing every few minutes. Yes the linework is always a bitch to make clean looking in Flash, hopefully the brushes will be vastly improved in the new program!

really solid animation, awesome art, GG Allin...10/10 would watch again..

Love it. Wierd, wacky, and awesome to have Llyod Kauffman as a special guest!!!
Well done. Looking forward to watching more of your stuff :)

Lol yee

You sold out.
Half torso at 1:18
Cutting now cause i saw alfred do it
3/3 stars tho