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Reviews for "FBF Madness"

insane animation, loved it, that bus scene was just nuts

Nice art style! Although the switch of camera views was to many and to fast.

loved it! if madness combat became an anime I feel like itd look like this...which would be awesome if that happened but great video make more!

Wow! Fluid animation, good graphics, detailed effects, those aspects are rare on FBF animations, but you made it!
However, there are other aspects that weren't too good, like the quality of some sound effects and mainly of the music. Also, istead of making an action film Madness-styled, you made it like an Anime (like in Sword Madness), and in my opinion, that doesn't match the Madness we are used to watch.
MicMadness is a great example of FBF Madness-styled animation, it balanced the film and the anime styles, and didn't make the characters overpowered.
You made a great job man, keep it up!

so much Anime battle feels. But seriously though, lets leave some logic, you cant actually hit the auditor without the power of the halo. But wow this style and way of how you presented it didnt even matter. If only it was a Hank vs Jebus. I dislike the fact that sometimes people give hank a face and white hair, or regular teeth (even though he lost half a jaw) Some animations dont show his canon Wounds before he got that madness 7 costume but for some reason all of these didnt matter because I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Kindly explain what FBF means? also yeah sound design and choices dont fit properly in each scene.