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Reviews for "FBF Madness"

this is like a madness anime with a little bit of drama and alot of combat and i love it :3

DAMN SON . This is awesome epicness full of legend .

Woah, those explosions! The smoke and fire, the dust and destruction... though the scenery is basic, it's the interaction with the scenery; how it emphasis all damage done that really sets this on a level of its own. The title feels a bit generic (I'm sure it's been used on much lesser works; hopefully wasn't the reason this mysteriously evaded Daily Award of the day), but it does sum everything up perfectly. I was positively surprised at the glimpse of 'reality' amidst it all, though at the same time that part left me a bit confused... she (?) loses an arm and then... comes back to life? Not sure if it's more of a metaphorical glimpse, or a journey to a next life or... whatever it may be, but either way the change there was awesome; overall it just blew my mind. Such a lengthy; masterful display of Madness, and in FBF no less!! Amazing work.


Awesome!!! thats the only thing i have left in my mouth after looking this epicness