Reviews for "Dawn Of The Sniper 2"

I know this is suppossed to be the style of the game but I agree with Clutchin: The black mask's can feel unfinished. Odd is that you can shoot through the walls. Would seem more realistic when the walls would be damaged or removed because of the shooting?
Adding a endless mode or something should help with the getting money for the last gun.

I also noticed I could only obtain 60 out of the 72 medals, or so the game says?
Overall: Enjoyed playing through the game noticed some points that could use a boots.

Players? Did you notice not only the zombies were random but also the humans? (clothing etc) Pretty neat hmph?!

Decent. for game designed for both mobile and PC. It definitely could of had a story and better customization on guns. The black mask's over everything make it more challenging, but really just shows laziness or lack of a artist willing to do the work. Maybe pushing out a fast game over quality is what some people like but I truly enjoy real hard work and passion even if its something this small. Overall it feels like a time consuming game with no replay ability, maybe if a speed mode was added or a survival mode it could be but I doubt that's gonna happen.

Missing: no scope mode, enviroment interaction (explosive barrels)

Getting on my nerves: finish level ends with you getting shot in the head, unlocking new level animation is supposed to be cool but takes too long

I think this is a pretty cool sequel. You don't find to many games in which compares to the first, but this one does. Keep up the good work guys!