Reviews for "Dawn Of The Sniper 2"

I didn't play the first one so I can't compare. But overall good game mechanics. I played through to about level 12 then I started getting bored. If there were a story or some way to get me more invested in the character(s) I'd think this would be more fun.

I really like how you engaged the NPCs to defend themselves with the weapons crates. I just wish they'd help each other out when getting attacked. Even melee attacking the zombie that's attacking the NPC.

As to Sharpnova's comment about the music: I'm no fan of this kind of music but I just ignored it. It was only playing at the beginning of the game, not during gameplay. They must have a chip on their shoulder or something. Do what makes you happy and to hell with the rest.

Good job sir/madam

Had loads of fun! Cool look and fun gameplay!

Too much like the first one..where are the new features? Lack of story and context..what are these supplyboxes about? Do they ever open them? Why I cant get any bonus or gadgets out of it? Why I get shot in the end of every level? Totally kills the fun for me, sorry

This game rocks... (If it is as you say)

the little ghetto urban music you're using really detracts. that is not a mature atmosphere.

it feels like you just want to look cool like all the swarms of NG kiddies that did it when they were 11 to feel hip and cool.

the game overall feels polished but i do't really like the shallowness tbh.