Reviews for "Dawn Of The Sniper 2"

While a bit harsh, Blanchon does make some good points. I had the same issue after buying a new gun and then trying to equip an older gun... it doesn't work at all. Even worse than that, I just came back to this game and did a Continue on my saved game. Guess what? It's starting me with the very first gun you get and now I'm unable to equip the 2nd to best gun I purchased, because once again the equip function just doesn't work at all. So, now with $1500 in the bank, I'm going to have to raise $50k to get the best gun just so I can use a gun that isn't the one I started the game with? Not cool.

Other than that, it's pretty fun for a while. It does get a bit "rinse/repeat" after while since there isn't that much variation. Also, the gun upgrades are confusing. Why have the power meters go from right to left instead of left to right?? That's very non-intuitive.

Once you've played the first few levels you've played the rest. Standard in just about every way, innit.

This game rocks using a touch pad. Head shots become cake, not to mention beautiful.

Pretty fun game, must be a bit on the easy side cause i dont usually snipe but beat the first 7 missions all 3 stars. soo idk. Fun game though

Here's another one of the many "you're a sniper, shoot stuff" kind of game, done wrong.

AND there are even zombies in it, how could this be less original ? Zombies that runs and some bigger guys being bullet sponges ! Oh wait ... You did not do that, did you ? Ow.

All you need to play of this game are the first six levels, nothing progresses from this point whatsoever, no new mechanics, no new enemies, no nothing ! (And I went through 3/4 of the game to say that)
All you get that's new are snipers and their upgrades.

Speaking of which, all the snipers barely have any differences between them apart from the stats. But all of that would actually matter if I was able equip one ... For some reason (and I tried that on two different saves) changing the weapon I currently have equipped is glitched :

Since I can only seem to equip the best weapon I bought, and buying or upgrading a weapon instantly equips it, I'm now stuck with the SG 550 even though I bought and fully upgraded two better weapons ... Hurray !

Onward to happiness then ! Go forth, story-less sniper, as you go through killing zombie-silhouettes with red glowing eyes ... red glowing eyes ? For real ? So not only there's a virus that revives people and turns them into mindless, man-eating carcasses, they also turn into freakin lighthouses !?

Well I can accept that in a way, since it's trying to help us differentiate the zombies from, oh, I don't know GODDAMN EVERYTHING !? From the livings to the now very dead, everything is in the same shade of grey, I was kind of thrilled after seeing the intro, I was expecting some MadWorld-esque graphisms, but all I've seen is grey, red or yellow (apart from a few backgrounds which colors may vary, most of them are red-yellow-ish) ...

So you're a sniper helping silhouette-people fighting silhouette-zombie-lightpoles, how could it get worse ? ADD A FOREGROUND LAYER ! And don't bother make it unpierceable, you never know, someone might get CAUGHT BEHIND A BLOODY WALL !? How comes you never thought of that, seriously !? I had to spray an entire magazine inside a wall to help the survivor behind it...

Which reminds me, apart from picking weapons off the air-dropped supply crates which has to be unlocked by you or more specifically your bullet (do I have to do another sentence to explain how stupid that is ?) ... the survivors have NOTHING to defend themselves, not to mention that most of these weapons sucks, they can barely kill the walking ones ... The one thig I started to like in this game and even that was messed up ... Urgh.

I didn't even mention the Facebook sharing option you can just bypass for some free money ...

Half a star for the effort.