Reviews for "Bloodporne"

what a GREAT parody of bloodborne!
i havent played bloodborne either, but it certainly sounds cool, atmospheric and funny in your movie, and i love that!
also the ''its VERY cheap, only five dimes, sir!'' part had me laughing alot, it was hillarious! XD
oh, and the ending was hillarious as well, same with the post-credits dialogue between the young lad and the old man/adventurer.... ''be good jimmy, cover your eyes!'' lololol!

as for the animation, it was fast and very fluid, while the drawings were perfect, and very detailed, especially in the ''INTENSE'' parts... great details!
i also loved the face expressions and everything!

say, you should make a demon souls/dark souls parody as well.
i havent played those, only demon souls, but im sure you could do an awesome parody of both!

either way, you're great, so keep up the good work, and make more funny stuff like this! :)
you rock! :D

Say can you still have sex with a werepenis?

Afrosandchongs responds:

that will be something I explain in a future lore video

"Your animation has been rated Fine!"

The only thing I got to nag aboot is that you didn't had a spoiler tag! The were penis is supose to be a surprise now everyone knows about it.

I know right? Tell me about it. I do the same exact thing and Iv'e been making sure to put all credits in my animations for where ever I got the sounds/effects/and Music! So everyone would know. It's the best thing to do. So true so I feel the same way. Also hilarious joke that was funny.

does were-penis mean STD?