Reviews for "Da Best Gaem"

So insane... so beautiful

deathink responds:

if you like it so much why don't you merry it!

A quintessential addition to the MLG Circuit, Da Best Gaem moves gamers unlike any piece of video game history before it. Stunning, dank relative memes strike a chord in the heart of even the most jaded gamer. An airhorn plays like an angelic tune to my calloused ears and brings a cathartic tear to my eye.

We yearn for the past, and the melodies of Nyan Cat brings twinges of sweet nostalgia to the forefront of my brain; as though a dear, long lost friend has returned to me. The inclusion of Hitler, our planet's greatest man, also makes his unifying presence felt in the game. A lot of men may hate Hitler, but remember, the iconoclast Hitler brought us all together to fight a unified enemy - Himself. Hitler did not what he wanted, but what he felt needed to be done to strengthen our bonds- much like consumption of Doritos with our merry brethren strengthen our bounds at any MLG tournament. I say, the author, nay the philosopher, Deathink, has moved me in a way I've never moved before. 11/10, would play again.

deathink responds:

You are a true connoisseur of fine MLG gaming.

Thanks for taking the time to decode and savor its deep satirical literary commentary.
This game was hand crafted by personally selecting only the ripest memes, and quality control tested by the most skilled gamer gurls.

You may have camped this commentary... but you no scoped my heart!

this is best gaem ever1!!!!!!!!

deathink responds:

omg its so lulz XD


i want a mouse like this bacon too
beautiful game :V