Reviews for "Da Best Gaem"

Why i love this game:
1. Nyan
2. Made by deathink
3. MLG
4. Poop emoticon
5. The title says it's da best gaem, SO IT IS.

deathink responds:


I hate memes

deathink responds:

me too


i ad da best scoer 1 could ever get in da gaem: 1,337
but over Uber Pawnage, my top scoer is 1,329
fear the l4m3r: u wil pey 1/2 star for this bug!
& please refund my 0-penny investment...

* (in my humble opinion you did not get the meaning of the whole acronym but thanks)

deathink responds:

you da beast!

this is best gaem ever1!!!!!!!!

deathink responds:

omg its so lulz XD

man this game feels to have past it's time:(

deathink responds:

or is it time it's past?