Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 4"

Wow this was very well done! Like watching the series it self.

So Cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!!!

Front page lead me to your series & I thought it was better than any of the Madness ones I've seen. Kinda burnt out on madness too, it doesn't hold the same appeal it did in the past. I love the whole idea of what you've created, and a lot of your VAs were dead on for their characters. The animation comes so close to the original in some scenes it'd be hard to tell them apart.

Wow, this is the first episode i see from your creations, and i must admit, at first i was skeptical about it...the first fight didn't seem so great...but then my expectations were surpassed...and i'm in love with this version of DB. Keep up the good work and keep doing episodes.
I must search for the others now

There aren't many Newgrounds movies that I feel justified in watching as a real show.

You rock.

Thank you for the good excuse to eat chips and veg out.

bocodamondo responds:

thanks, i appreciate the kind words ^^