Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 4"

I hoped it'd be a little longer, but this was pretty good. So was that King Vegeta, but in Prince Vegeta's place, or did they mistake Prince Vegeta for being an alternate version of King Vegeta?

I give 4.5 stars because while this was very entertaining, I feel like someone should've upped the ante on the animation quality. Have you gotten rusty or something?

Aww.... I remember the comic and website shit
DBZ multiverse was the literaly shit

bocodamondo responds:

was? the comic is still going on
also im confused, i dont know if you mean "shit" or "the shit"

Awesome concept, but if the music you used were by Bruce Falconer, then this would REALLY be a treat to watch!

No Gohan no Gotrunks..... What a relief when they're not to be seen

Front page lead me to your series & I thought it was better than any of the Madness ones I've seen. Kinda burnt out on madness too, it doesn't hold the same appeal it did in the past. I love the whole idea of what you've created, and a lot of your VAs were dead on for their characters. The animation comes so close to the original in some scenes it'd be hard to tell them apart.