Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 4"

The quality seems to keep improving, though it still seems rushed on some parts (Trunks deflecting ki blasts, his hair after turning normal, pan grabbing the power pole, etc). I also recommend on working with improving some of the voice acting. Recoome sounded like he had a potato in his mouth. Still, I really enjoy these.

Couldn't you have picked a better voice actor? I can't even understand recoome. The quality was so bad.

Wow, this is the first episode i see from your creations, and i must admit, at first i was skeptical about it...the first fight didn't seem so great...but then my expectations were surpassed...and i'm in love with this version of DB. Keep up the good work and keep doing episodes.
I must search for the others now

I'm a huge dbz fan and ive had a blast watching these! don't stop, they are really creative and enjoyable!

Nice,i dont look the others but very great :D