Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 4"

Amazing wrk guys look forward to your next piece

This should have been given a much higher score. Shame on everyone not giving 5 stars. This is epic and took a lot of hard work.

Spot on use of music and audio effects!

The "flurry of blows" spots like 0:23 felt a bit sluggish, I'd say maybe cut 1/3 of the frames to make the animation less "fluid" and more "impactful"?

Here, I hacked this thing together (it's unlisted on YouTube):

I have zero animation cred, I just watched a few dbz fights frame by frame, so disregard freely if I'm being noobishly ignorant :P

bocodamondo responds:

yeah i admit, i still have trouble getting that "BAM" feeling in punches, although they are alot better in this episode compared to the previous ones
i just need to experiment more until i get it right

The animation wasn't that bad but definitely needs improvement on the flow and combat. Sound effects and music were done perfectly and fit the dbz world perfectly. The voice acting is GOD AWFUL and absolutely inexcusable given the thousands of talented voice actors who do free work on the net. in fact the animation deeply suffers from this and should have had no voice acting if it was going to be this terrible. The shading could use a bit more work so that it would bring out the colors more. I advise cell shading if your going for that exact dbz look also more defined outlines would help to. Gohans voice actor was the only tolerable one. Some of the attacks looked oddly animated such as when cooler kicked trucks perhaps a different angle would have been better. Its definitively a great animation just needs to be a bit refined more. Fire these voice actors.

bocodamondo responds:

on the voice acting subject, i think sirundead did a great vegeta, especially considering the fact he was sick when he recorded the lines,
and kaggy also did great as bardock. same goes for tomsthevoice as nail,
if you only say those (the ones i named above) are bad because they are not 100% exactly like the dbz dub, then get the hell out of my face....

In a way, this promotes Saiyan genocide...

bocodamondo responds: