Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 4"

This is a really good animation work from you, well done. Probably a few minor things to consider, some voice actors probably didn't fit in for the part, it almost sounds like they're reading from paper and not getting into character. Also, the punch animation seems like it was skipping a few frames, other than that, I enjoyed watching this and hope that you'll continue with more in the future!

It's like I'm watching an actual Dragon Ball Z episode!
The characters feel so believable!
Good stuff! :)

Even thought the use of Comic Sans MS ruined the experience a little bit within the first 5 seconds.
This... Was... Fucking... Amazing...

mmmm Trunks. Despite his incessant whining, I always had the hots for him. Until they cut his god damn hair.

So Cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!!!