Reviews for "Naked Man"

I like this game, i was actually kinda good at this newgrounds game for once! Though i had to frequently remember that Z is for jump and X is for shooting. I am not very used to that format and prefer space as jump and maybe s to shoot? I am not sure. This game is nice but not very original. The background, the whole forrest look is copied in many other games, and the character reminds me of snake from metal gear solid(kinda). I love how you did the trees and water though, good job

The controls are horrible. In my layout the Z and Y are changed together, so the X and C maybe optimal chose. But I think X and Space what is the best for controls...

Also sometimes the jump is bugged.

Contorl scheme isn't ideal. I got easily confused with the controls. I think that the game is fine. I like sounds and music and I think the art is good.

I recommend.

Nice game ! I had a lot of fun to shoot everything on my way !

god awful control scheme, why is it so hard to grasp the simple concept of WASD to move, space to jump and m1 to shoot, there's a reason that's the preferred method. the arrow keys are awful, z to jump is just plain stupid, and x to shoot is unjustifiably retarded