Reviews for "Naked Man"

This is like a cactus game, i love it 5/5

This is what ADHD feels like. I should know.

Batshit insane gamplay shootemups remensiscent of Gunstar Heroes its my kind of game. I was expecting a better ending though but than again the guy just gets his clothes back. Probably didnt know what to expect :P

Super fun, great music and straightforward gameplay, but often seems like there's too much going on visually. The colors are uniformly bright and the shapes uniformly square, and my eyes have trouble focusing on what I need to see.

This is almost perfect !
Nice story with Funny Characters and concept with Awesome graphic!
Plus , the backsound music fits in my earssss <3

This was a very enjoyable game. Sure, it's pretty easy, but damn does it feel good to play. The gunplay is great, the sure destruction is great, the humor is silly and on point, and for a short little project, it's really solid.

The only real issues I had with it were the boomerang and missile upgrades being pretty slow and unruly to work with, and the game just sort of ending, but besides that, A+ from me.