Reviews for "Naked Man"

I LOVE This game
SOS czy to ty ?? XD

Very funny. I loved it sooooooooo much. plz make naked man 2.

Oh man. . . . Oh man, oh man, oh man. Wow. As soon as I beat it, I added this to my favorites. This is where I would normally list the the good and the bad , but honestly, you did EVERYTHING right. The music, the controls, the level design, the bosses, the platforming. If there's one thing I love, it's fast paced high energetic platformer shooters and this was the epitome of that. And the difficult was perfect, for me at least. I have a feeling that people will say it's not challenging enough, but I felt like the bosses were challenging, but not to a point of frustration. I guess if anything, I have one request, and that would be if we could have more weapons, either in an update or a sequel, but at the same time, this game is so short and the weapons were so much fun that I didn't feel like we needed more either.

Why is this game so short though? D; Pleaseeee, I crave more. Honestly, I think this could be a Steam game. I'm not joking. Not as short as it is of course, but if you could expand upon it to the point of making it a few hours long, maybeeee even just an hour long since there are games that short of length on Steam (though I could totally see myself being engaged in this type of game for hours), then yes, you would have a really great chance of getting on Steam and making some mola. Honestly, you should make that a goal for yourself! Because again, I absolutely loved it and apparently lots of other people did too for it to be on the front page. I'm glad it was, so I seen it to play it!

This was very fun to play!

Super fun game! Love the music!