Reviews for "Naked Man"

Pretty fun game.
The sound effects sound very similar to that of an old game called Fire & Ice, helped to bring that nostalgic vibe into full effect

I love the 8 bit throwback theme to this game. When I played it I wondered why it was rated m. When I died naked in the pit of hands, I realized why. I gave it a 4.5 because the final Act did not have any music. Otherwise great nostalgic game!

Good shit. i wish that it was longer and a little more difficult. Maybe more weapon choices too. Other than that its amazing.

Why is it so damn quiet? Is there some problem with the audio balance? I had my speakers nearly all the way up and all I heard was a faint buzzing from the game.

you actually did something newgrounds hasn't done in a while. you made the perfect 8 bit throwback. i love the music, the art and the gameplay. i love the sponge bob enemies and the bulldogs. it's really a nice job. the final boss was a pushover though so 1 point off for that