Reviews for "Naked Man"

I LOVE it!

The first time I played this game, I could finish it playing on my keyboard (instead of my beloved controller) with 11 lives left. Which brings up this question: why the "this is gonna be tough" Contra-like options that you lose as soon as an enemy touches you? I think you misjudged how to create a kind-of-difficult-but-not-frustrating game.
The final boss is nice, but you only have one opportunity to fight it with the weapon of your choice, and it is the first time you meet him, i.e. when you do not really know his attacks and are quite doomed anyway. It's a bit frustrating.
Still a good game that I enjoyed playing, but this bugged me a bit. Still, 4 stars, and I sincerely think this game deserves this rating!

Man, the game is awesome, it looks like you're playing an emulatur or something! But the game is too short, there could be some more levels (6 levels at least). But besides that, it's just perfect, congratulations for the creator of this masterpiece.

great work dude... but my controls froze

One thing: there should be some kind of bgm at the end.