Reviews for "Naked Man"

Disappointing ending, but otherwise a fabulous game.

It's colorful, funny and well done. GJ
+ I like the style: kinda like high resolution pixel art ? ;p

The only problem for me is the control for jumping: the Z key.
For me 'Z' is where your 'Y' is. So it's like playing with X+Y.
Many in countries EU don't use QWERTY keyboards.
See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout#QWERTY-based_layouts_for_Latin_script
A+S, S+D, K+L ... would have been a more international choice.
In the future, it would be nice if you could keep us, EU players, in mind. Thanks :)

Game bugged.

Couldn't move or jump after I defeated 2nd boss. Could only shoot.

To be honest, i just clicked on the game because of the title, but where are the male genitalia? The only thing classifying our "hero" as a "man" is his beard, but can we be sure that he is really what the title tells us? Have you thought about renaming the game into "naked transgender" or something like that?

also what kind of strange inhabitated world is he living in? i think the "monsters" are actually metaphors for the society that demeans people born in the wrong body nowadays. By stealing the clothes they are taking away the last bits of pride and privateness of these people, stripping them off for everybody to see.

A very deep game indeed.

At first I hated it becaues no interactivwe elements mixed to much with interactive ones. But game has so much juice in it that I changed my mind. Small pigeons in final fight, a little dot that marks you when youa r ebign shoot from the cannon between level 1 and 2.