Reviews for "Naked Man"

Only thing concerning me is where he's keeping the coins... erm, anyway! Good original, short game!

A bit short, Yet surprisingly entertaining. I dont get whats with the Mature rating tho....

Well then. I must admit, this was a fun game.

For some reason for me, Z and X as functions of the game, even as simple as jump and shoot, confuse me. I get too confused between the buttons and I shoot instead of jump or jump instead of shoot. That, however, is a fault of mine. Not a fault on the controls. They were responsive, fluent, and they worked. That's what matters.

Music is very retro and rather upbeat. One thing I DID notice though, was the Hot Pepper Gaming theme plays on the third stage. I heard that and I was like, "Oh! HPG!" I like it. I really do.

Bosses, however, were sadly simple. Patterns were easy to understand, and that made the game rather short. The CHALLENGES, however, DID make the game just a bit longer. Especially getting hit makes you lose your power up. Take back to Mario, I like it, makes you think, "Don't get hit or lose an asset." It's good.

The story is silly. It's MEANT to be. If anybody has a problem with THAT, then they must not understand that it's supposed to be short, simple, and to enjoy a little laugh as you're a naked man with a gun trying to get his clothes back. I find that rather humorous.

All in all, this game is short. You can get a good maybe half hour out of this, or, if the controls don't faze you and you're good at games like I am not, then you can beat this rather quickly. And yes, I know, the ending was abrupt, but does it really matter? You beat it. Congrats.

Another thing, the play window. I felt it was rather tiny. However, that may be because I'm not zoomed in a lot on Newgrounds because of bigger screened games. Not a problem on your behalf, I was just too lazy to fix it. Don't sweat it. Although, maybe DO make it just a bit bigger if ya' can.

TLDR: The controls confused me but that's because I'm not used to them. Music is upbeat and retro. Boses were simple. Story is supposed to be ridiculous. Game is rather short. The play window was small.

Cool game!

I liked it pretty much, BUT the special other weapons are a bother cause they dont auto-fire and button meshing aint fun ;\

Great job on this, the gameplay is really good (reminded me a bit of Gunstar Heroes). I like the pixel art graphics, although the player sprite sometimes gets a bit lost in the background. Also always great to see another C2 dev :). Keep it up.