Reviews for "Naked Man"

Great game and funny idea. All I would say is it would be nice to have some explanation about what that box of coins does, but it's not hard to figure out so great job.

This game has it all, next gen shooting, amazing grafics, an incredible lore, and it teaches us about the importance of begin naked. 11/10

I like running around naked and shooting people, how did you know i liked things like this. 5/5 gr8 but short

A great game. It felt like a real game from the NES. When I saw when you could shoot the arrows to open the doors, I loved the game. I love how getting your clothes back is like you are getting the 3th part of the TriForce. Nice game. You should make more games.

a few tweaks i personally would make. i feel the fire and jump buttons are backwards. or at any rate, being able to map your own buttons. also, if you are holding the fire button down, you can not turn around. you must stop shooting, then turn... good game in concept, just a few minor details to make it great!