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Reviews for "Old Madness Test Collab"

you guys sure improved alot since 2011, well done <3

Kelzad responds:

Thx, frienderino!

Good job guys it is great to see the progress and improvements over the years. I really like Gibb50 beginnings were even though very smooth. 2015 is a great style slow the movement to reaching greater fluency but the action decreases try to increase fps on 40..

Kelzad responds:

Thanks, Janer!

Man oh man you 2 are awesome and I really wonder DO YOU GUYS EVER DELETE YOUR TRA-eeer, TESTS!?

I was about to rate this about 4 stars, but halfway there I was already like: "I need to check my stuff but this is too good to skip!" Also Kelzad, not bad humor, but learn more from Gibb, he's hilarious!

Kelzad responds:

Hey, what'ya mean by that?! >:C
Also, thanks :3

Really amazing! And I love the music! You 2 turned out to be really good early :D I love you animations.

Animating is so hard...