Reviews for "Project Mayhem"

Rats, couldn't figure out to enter the numbers, had to check a walkthrough... maybe if you placed a blinking cursor in the field that needs to be pressed... plus the first locker's field was really small, if it had been bigger to start with, I might've figured it out easier. Some of the objects and directional buttons were a bit too small to click easily.

Even though I essentially cheated much of the way through, I found the art, challenges and ambiance to be better than average, as was the ending, which (to any medal chaser) is a great way to get replay value, though I would've preferred a little more verbosity and/or graphics for each of the 2 endings. I guess it was a tad short. but it's a properly good point n' click game.

Amazing story. Pretty tricky, but fun!

Good soundtrack, good story but too short.