Reviews for "Project Mayhem"

The navigation is pretty confusing because at one point you have to click the bottom of the screen to go to another room, and then you have to click the top of the screen to continue in that same direction, but the game doesn't tell you that you've turned around.

How do you get all the medals?

RunningZombie responds:

Thanks for the review. The Walkthrough will show you how to get all medals.

It kept me playing up until the TV puzzle- I was willing to play through the tricky navigation but it could be better- if it's any consolation, it's better than any game I've made (none lol). Pretty good for a first game though.

It was a decent game, but it could use a little work.
The navigation was difficult. I'm not a fan off the whole using the small red bars on the side of the screen to navigate through the game. That and it took me a while to realize that if you have no option to navigate out of the room, then there's something in the room you need.
I also was a little confused on where to go. There was this back-tracking you had to do to trigger an event to move on and there was no indication of that. So I had to do a lot of clicking around to figure out what I had to do next to progress.
I think you have a lot of potential to make some pretty good flash games as you learn more on how to do it. I'm not saying make the game easier, because I love a challenge, but this just weren't...clear.

its ok but i cant get that blue skull other then that its an okish game

I thought this would be easier. Usually, these games have more interactivity. I think what I really mean by that is that this is too difficult. It does have great artwork, though! I will always praise you for that! The music fit the atmosphere perfectly.

At least it was something about zombies. This wasn't what I was expecting with Madness Day this year. Whatever it was, it was nicely paced. I always appreciate stories like this. It's weird how the picture of the car was the only thing I have been able to keep.