Reviews for "Project Mayhem"

This is pretty good. Nice job!

Navigation is counterintuitive, not just the little red bars to move about, but also the directions (e.g. in some places you move "up/forward", but to go back need to go "left"...). There's a lot of pixel-hunting and irrelevant clutter, which I find frustrating - there's absolutely no logical way to discern what is useful and what isn't. There is very little in the way of script. The plot is odd, clearly the skulls form some weird kind of backstory, but that never seems to get brought to life. I wasn't very impressed by the puzzles.

I think most of my stars are for the graphics which are really neat. This game showed a lot of potential but would have been far better if the game design had a bit more work.

Enjoyed the game! haven't finished it yet but I did make a video of me playing through the first half :3

RunningZombie responds:

That was really cool, thank you!

The controls are like the only thing that sucks about this game. The rest it just "wow..."

Artwork is nice, but with navigation it's confusing, and very hard :D