Reviews for "Naruto: Betrayal of Bae"

Lmao did i just watch one of the greatest piece of art in history XDDDD 420 out of 69 needs more butt ckeeks! Also i wonder could anyone tell me what music it was at 3:30? I really would really appreciate it.

Truly a flawless execution of extraordinary animation and stunning visuals, as well as captivating sound direction and musical divinity that kept me on the edge of my seat til the very end. I could really feel every emotion and intention behind Naruto and Sasuke's actions, as well as the deep sense of love, hatred, loss, and eventual forgiveness through their prevalent chemistry. I couldn't help but be brought to tears by the emotionally staggering conclusion as well, something I can seldom say about many if not all other movies I've seen. This piece of art is timeless and deserves nothing less than the highest praises. 5/5. <3

Narmak you sly sunuva gun, I now need to see anything you make

freaking love this

That's terrible. In one of the most ridiculous ways. It fully rounds the corner into damn funny.
Excellent job on the animation and dialogue