Reviews for "The Last Samurai"

This game is solid. Polished Controls, stylish Graphics and GUI in one style. Smooth learning curve and great levels design. I like it, really.
Why no NG medals? You created Trophies already so create NG Medals please. It will be good.
And sure destroying levels is a lot of fun and great addition to gameplay and level completion strategy.

Excellent game.
For me, my experience was fluent with no glitches.
Lots of fun to be had breaking stuff and killing people.
Lots of dying!
The music wasn't annoying, as well as very appropriate for the game.
5/5, good job! This game has to be played.

good game.
samurais use swords and the protagonist only use bombs and shurikens,however the game should be called the last ninja(sorry my bad english).

finally a FUN game on newgrounds, i love the style, the gameplay, the way it flows, i spent 5 hours today playing bloody 'lets journey' god that was tedious, this is really well done , like the guy below said DOJO games are alays great

Great job here, the presentation is nice and the gameplay was pretty tight! The wall-jumping is especially good, it reminds me a lot of Super Meat Boy. The layouts of the levels were all very interesting and striving to get the bonuses kept me replaying levels to collect everything. It annoyed me a little bit that some of my shurikens would break blocks in the rows above and below my character from time to time, but it wasn't too big of a problem. My movement in the air felt a bit imprecise too, which cost me a few lives because of accidentally flying into buzzsaws or pits. Great work though, this is one of the coolest things I've played lately!