Reviews for "The Last Samurai"

This game is solid. Polished Controls, stylish Graphics and GUI in one style. Smooth learning curve and great levels design. I like it, really.
Why no NG medals? You created Trophies already so create NG Medals please. It will be good.
And sure destroying levels is a lot of fun and great addition to gameplay and level completion strategy.

a lot of fun!

Excellent game.
For me, my experience was fluent with no glitches.
Lots of fun to be had breaking stuff and killing people.
Lots of dying!
The music wasn't annoying, as well as very appropriate for the game.
5/5, good job! This game has to be played.

Alright, The gameplay is very fluent, and easy to understand without making it actually easy to play. On the topic however, and this is toCsoiretgeFsM, Ninja Stars or 'Shurikens' also used by fucking Samurais, not only 'Ninjas', as they were mainly used during the feudal era by Samurai warriors. Plus, the bombs were the only thing which was contradictable are the Bombs, but those were also used, however in only the LATE Chinese Dynasty.

This game was amazing, The graphics were beautiful, and I love the sound effects. Its basic platformer/shooter was super clear, and I give to you a 5 stars


Well, the game is good. But i dont think the title "the last samurai" fit this game, well, you know, samurai dont use shuriken...... (at least thats what i know). Anway, love the game, 5 stars! Great work!