Reviews for "The Last Samurai"

good game.
samurais use swords and the protagonist only use bombs and shurikens,however the game should be called the last ninja(sorry my bad english).

dojo, i fricking love all your games and you guys are amazing. BUT THIS IS PERFECT! :D
it has a smooth 'super meat boy' feel to the controls, has charming graphics and has one of the best soundtracks i've heard in a long time.
keep up the good work m8's.

Great game!
there are too many different objects to interact with, this gets confusing!
The exit points are not always in roughly the same place, resulting in some unsatisfactory expirences

how can you afford to make all these shiny games? Do you distribute them on other sites to generate ad revenue? Or is it just 100% hobby and recreation?


Geovizz responds:

Hey, thanks! I think if you interested in how it works you should 100% visit FGL - www.fgl.com . They have ALL answers. In general it's my main occupation. Sometime it was some kind of hobby and recreation, but now it's a hard and painfull process xD