Reviews for "The Last Samurai"

Really smooth game, nice graphics and music for the atmosphere, gameplay is quite fun but the difficulty level doesn't really ramp up properly - the final few levels feel quite "samey" and it would have been straightforward from a level design view to make them more challenging.

As with all "you can blow up the terrain" platformers, it can be frustrating if you hit a useful ledge! But that's the kind of frustration that comes with the genre.

I like it, graphics are great and music is pretty lovely. As for the game itself, Im not really sure about how it operates. Controls are kind of weird and I fear there is no real goal to be reached. I found myself just playing to "play".

Super cool game!
The controls feel very cool and interesting; I think they could be a little more tight tho
I hope you'll keep working on it and perhaps make an even better sequel or steam game. It has potential!

A very nice game, yes, but this does look like a ninja, not a samurai.

Doesn't matter. Whoever he is, game is fun to play, runs smoothly and it looks good.

Really has potential but why the terrible controls? Why couldn't you just let us use Z,X + arrows?

Space + X is idiotic.