Reviews for "The Last Samurai"

Ok first of all, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL. This game is called "The Last Samurai" but your character in the game is a "NINJA" that spams "SHURIKENS" and throws grenades.

Not trying to be a jerk but ffs... everyone who's commented so far don't even notice what the hell is wrong with the game. The concept and gameplay of the game is ok, even the music is apt, very minecraft/terraria-ish with the destructiveness of the environment, but don't you even know the difference between a "NINJA" and a "Samurai"? There was one other guy so far that noticed what the hell was up with this. ONE GUY. Everyone else just didn't care.

This is FALSE ADVERTISMENT in it's purest form. I clicked on this hoping to play as an actual "Samurai" and hack & slash my way throughout the game, instead all I got was disappointment and a rectangular sliding-block ninja that spams shurikens.

Excellent game.
For me, my experience was fluent with no glitches.
Lots of fun to be had breaking stuff and killing people.
Lots of dying!
The music wasn't annoying, as well as very appropriate for the game.
5/5, good job! This game has to be played.

its a fun game but I ran into some weird glitch where I fell through the level and died, then when I respawned I kept falling through till I was out of lives, resulting in an instant failure. other then that its good

a lot of fun!

The game kept giving me lag while I was playing even typing right now lag