Reviews for "The Last Samurai"

I feel like this was inspired on broforce, and fis o than reply back to me Mr. Geovizz!

just one error, the jump is with "W"

Well, the game is good. But i dont think the title "the last samurai" fit this game, well, you know, samurai dont use shuriken...... (at least thats what i know). Anway, love the game, 5 stars! Great work!

Alright! Let's get this over with! Let me just say, this game was amazing. A completely destructible world with a ninja and enemies that hardly touch you is pretty epic in itself, but then you add in some real challenge with only 3 lives, super powerful attacks from you (with the destructible world, the knife cuts both ways), and a bunch of hazards that are really fun to avoid, this entire game is nearly perfect. Nearly. The one thing that isn't perfect is that I've discovered a few glitches that, while it only sometimes happens, can be pretty annoying. The life counter is kind of broken. You can actually have 0 lives without dying (not sure how that one works) and then, after you die, it's normal. That one's fine, the next one was really annoying. There's some points where you can die to one hit (no 3 lives, only 1) and there was one point where I died with 2 extra lives. These glitches (while minor) happen pretty often, so it loses .5 of a star. Other than that, the graphics are decent, a lot of the gameplay reminds me of Expendabros, and overall this game was fun to play! Keep on making games like this and you're sure to get famous or something!

Alright, The gameplay is very fluent, and easy to understand without making it actually easy to play. On the topic however, and this is toCsoiretgeFsM, Ninja Stars or 'Shurikens' also used by fucking Samurais, not only 'Ninjas', as they were mainly used during the feudal era by Samurai warriors. Plus, the bombs were the only thing which was contradictable are the Bombs, but those were also used, however in only the LATE Chinese Dynasty.

This game was amazing, The graphics were beautiful, and I love the sound effects. Its basic platformer/shooter was super clear, and I give to you a 5 stars