Reviews for "Blast Magus"

the design of the game is definitely worth playing, difficult and fun in its own way, I managed to reach 15 boards and I have enough and where else the degree of difficulty and interesting style added to the favorites but I do not know if I can get to 100

for those who do not know: the eyes match each type of bullets, their position can be counted among the initial spell sequences, they are also responsible for the point multiplier

I'm not usually into matching games, but I loved this developer's other stuff so I had to try it out. I like it a lot. The gameplay feels fresh for the genre and the music is very calming. I'll probably come back to this occasionally.

Kajenx responds:

Thanks Matt! :)

Very fun and pleasant to look at!

This is so addictive. Great work!
Edit: It is indeed so addictive that after I won the last game I went back to earn the second star on each and every one of them. It took me several month. And now I don't feel accomplished, I feel sad because I'm done, there is no more of it.

nice game and graphics. addictive. I think you only need to improve the 'level complete message', like adding a mage character or something and the combos graphics, specially when we do a multicombo. like changing the white flash to more colors.