Reviews for "mutant potato"

a really nice tribute to your friend's academic adventures! :)
great movie, awesome and fluid animation, and funny face expressions, all while the movie is both cool, funny, crazy and beautiful (and touching) to watch!
a really nice adventure, and a good symbolism about the university stay...
very clever!

i liked it alot, you are skilled with the movies, so keep it up, and do more please!
you rock! :)

David-Montoya-Irritu responds:

Thanks a lot!

Were I your friend, I would feel immensely honored. This was a touching tribute to their hard work. As I am slacking on my novel writing, I believe I shall now return. Perhaps I have a friend out there who will see my hard work as you do. Welcome to my favorites.

Wow first page, congratulations.
keep up the great work, amazing animation!

this was so sad :( but also amazing! but i also really loved it :)

Awww sweet, but wasn't the potato on the RIGHT side of her face in the beginning? What happened? O_O

David-Montoya-Irritu responds:

yes yes, my bad :)