Reviews for "mutant potato"

Fairly nice, with bonus half-mark for such an off-the-wall concept. People who are confused should make a point of reading the author comments. There's a continuity problem, however: the potato appears on the girl's right cheek up until the mirror shot at 1:15, where it's suddenly on the left cheek, and there it stays for the remainder of the clip. I guess it's easy to make a mistake when you include mirror shots.

oh man, funny animation, it's so hard not to puke, where's my cereal bowl

Were I your friend, I would feel immensely honored. This was a touching tribute to their hard work. As I am slacking on my novel writing, I believe I shall now return. Perhaps I have a friend out there who will see my hard work as you do. Welcome to my favorites.

its good but i just thought it was wierd a girl wanting a patato on her face to live youd think she'd be trying to get it off right?

a really nice tribute to your friend's academic adventures! :)
great movie, awesome and fluid animation, and funny face expressions, all while the movie is both cool, funny, crazy and beautiful (and touching) to watch!
a really nice adventure, and a good symbolism about the university stay...
very clever!

i liked it alot, you are skilled with the movies, so keep it up, and do more please!
you rock! :)

David-Montoya-Irritu responds:

Thanks a lot!