Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Mill"

Yet another great one. You're taking all the best elements of classics like Myst and new masterpieces like Submachine, but adding you own ingredient to make the series very unique. Each entry is surreal, suitably creepy, though there's always some moment that verges on terrifying.

I still say it looks like you're building to something, because more and more details seem to be revealed with each chapter, but the series is doing just fine with loose connections between episodes. I don't think the series is close to becoming stagnant, so you could continue as long as you have ideas. But do I wonder if a conclusion is planned.

WHYYYYY did you give us a screen with all the rooms on a map, like a level game? That completely destroyed immersion for meeeeee! ;(

I am still in love with the surreal in your work....your passion and your art. However....riddles are getting more illogical by the minute.

kind of made me dizzy
cool creepy game though

I played most of these Cube escape games on Kongregate instead, lol.