Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Mill"

creepy game, i love it

-1 star because i got so far in the game but had to use a guide to figure out to put the white cube the the box in the basement... like come on how was i supposed to know that.

Other notable things that took me some time but were within fair level:
setting the cob webs on fire at the beginning.
Duck eating the wall grass.
cuting the ladys hair (i tried to stab her with the scissors and ended up collecting hair)

My favorite part was opening the cabinet. (+.5 stars)
The scariest part was when the clock started shaking.

Incredible as always. I think this parrot should be useful next time!

I like your stories :)

WHYYYYY did you give us a screen with all the rooms on a map, like a level game? That completely destroyed immersion for meeeeee! ;(

kind of made me dizzy
cool creepy game though