Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Mill"

Perfect, as always!

Easy, not scary, hmm. Point? Don't touch.

I absolutely love the Rusty Lake cube series. I've always been a fan of escape the room games, and this series is literally the best I've ever played. The graphics style and smooth screen transition make an enormous difference in navigation and orientation. The extra-dimensionality of it makes it so much more enjoyable than many of the other escape games which are extremely flat. The objects to interact with strike that necessary balance between blending in and sticking out just enough. There's also an inherent common sense logic to much of it which makes me not need a walkthrough; also a giant plus. If I explore enough, I will figure it out. Other games tend to have things that make no sense, item combinations you force through trial and error, etc.

That said, despite more rooms, this was thus far the weakest installment of the series. The puzzles were a little too fetch-and-come-back, and the wheels and machinery took up too much space for the amount of use we got out of them. The awe and mystery was also missing in this installment. Things like walking into the ear or that sea shell are favorable to navigating up/down stairs. There was just no moment in this game where I had a "wow" moment, and that's a first for this series.

Thinking about it a little more, I think the linear nature of this game, in terms of the physical layout of the mill, as well as it being a direct sequel seeming to pick up where the last game left off, are the things that make this game a little less engrossing or impressive (narratively) than previous ones. I absolutely love the tie-ins each game has to the others, but they have always been in a non-direct way that added a bit of wonder. In this game I was mostly wondering why there was an old lady there and when are these machines going to get interesting.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next one, and I hope that we get all the answers by the close of the series, and I hope that close is far, far from now. I would love it if you, or someone, could provide a comprehensive timeline of the events seen in the games thus far.

Please don't take any of this as a discouragement. I adore your games. Keep up the excellent work.

WHYYYYY did you give us a screen with all the rooms on a map, like a level game? That completely destroyed immersion for meeeeee! ;(

This is awesome and I love it, I have now completed the whole series but I can't get enough!