Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Mill"

dudes you got the binoculars mixed up with a spy glass :P

I am still in love with the surreal in your work....your passion and your art. However....riddles are getting more illogical by the minute.

Another excellent point and click adventure with a dark twist. I'm still no closer to understanding whats going on, but its good to see that the series seems to have taken on a life of its own. the atmosphere and suspense in this game can turn from curious problem solving to sinister psychological horror on the click of a mouse, and the problems, although sometimes abstract, are usually easy enough to follow after you have thought about it for a while. a perfect example was the knitting needles. the solution was obvious when I thought about it but it didnt stop me trying to stick them in the spinning machine!

Excellent! I hope we get to a point where long time players will get some pay off for the nightmares this game holds

I love this series so much! Just completely blows me away with every new game. I love the fact that there was just a random old woman in the cupboard but it took me a while to figure out how to interact with her properly. Just everything about the game is beautifully put together and the puzzles are all logical (in their own way) but take some thinking about, the difficulty balance is just right (in my opinion).

I always waiting for you♄
Your game is awesome!! I love you