Reviews for "Cube Escape: The Mill"

That's pretty good :D

Am I the only one who noticed that the animals are cooked alive?! lmao! Great game, though! I really like how much suspense there is, and the jump scares (in regards to the entire series) are perfect because they scare but not to the point in which it makes it impossible to play the game. Make more games for the story, please! Perhaps a chapter that explains a little more about Mr. Owl.

Is this the first game in the series that doesn't involve going through some kind of portal into another version of the room?

WOW... just... WOW...
That was properly terrifying towards the end! Though I think you missed a pretty good chance to put a jumpscare on the right side window when it was pitch black... But that's just my opinion.
All in all, it's a pretty good game that wound up having me at the edge of my seat near the end!

I like your stories :)