Reviews for "Escape THE GAME"

I love point&click games. Especially if they are free :3 The game was kind of entertaining, i would say,
although i didnt laugh out loud i was smiling a lot. The humor was good and i liked the main-characters attitude towards his surroundings. The story was okay, nothing special there, but nothing special needed. It gave you the oppurtunity to insert all kinds of stuff and references. Maybe even some more references couldnt have hurt.

A little more dialogue variation wouldnt have hurt. Also if a person isnt of any use to the game itself anymore you could have made an additional dialogue (or just a phrase, for that person)

I mean, after i dublicated the vial, the "troll", wasnt of any use to me anymore, but the dialogue options were still the same (although i get that thats additional work for you).

One big flaw that appeared was, that at some point i wasnt able to load the game and had to restart the whole process ( no, biggy here, since the game isnt that long anyways) Skipping all the dialogues and replaying what i did was a bit painful though.

It is cool that the game has different endings (although i only played 1 of them and watched the other endings on youtube), but it didnt make we want to play the game again.

Main problem of the game was, it was way to easy. It was always kinda clear what to do next, no real challenge.

Nevertheless a good game. One of the better ones out there. (3,75/5) under normal circumstances, but well. This isnt one :)

Muja responds:

Yeah, for an hardcore fan of point and click game this one could seem too easy, but I didn't want to make it too hard and scare the casual player away.

Another report of the game not loading properly, now I'm getting concerned. I'll have to look into it.

As for the dialogues, I would have like to add more - but there's already a lot of those, and some users complained they were too many!

All in all, I tried to balance these aspects so to make everyone happy - but I guess that's impossible!
I'm very glad you liked the game, though! Thank you for your nice review!

i could not stop laughing. Webos a ti!

Muja responds:

That's great! thank you for the review!

great game one of the best point and click adventure games i've played

Muja responds:

Wow, thanks a lot!!

Amazing references~! I loved it! 5/5 easy!

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, glad you had fun!

Fantastic game! Really enjoyed it (though admittedly I required some hints to get all the medals!) :) It's hard, funny and witty.

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, I'm very glad you had fun!
And don't worry about using the walkthrough.. it's there for a reason :)